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Application of centrifugal chamber cleaner for centrifuge

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In laboratory blood testing, centrifuge is often used to drive the test tube (especially the test tube without cover) containing blood, milk and stirred tissue to rotate. However, in the process of rotation, the blood in the test tube is often thrown out and the centrifuge wall and centrifuge hole are dirty. In order to clean the centrifuge, we usually clean it by hand. This is not only laborious, but also susceptible to infection. The author made a centrifuge cleaner. Through laboratory application, the above phenomenon has been effectively avoided. Here introduce as below:

1. Materials and making

One end of the wooden pole with a diameter of 1 cm and a length of 20 cm is cut into a cone (cleaning head). A groove is set in the middle of the head. The head is covered with absorbent cotton, and the absorbent cotton is wrapped with gauze. The end of the gauze is fixed in the groove.

2. usage method

When using, hold the wooden pole by hand, put the cleaning head into the inner wall of the centrifuge and the centrifugal hole of the centrifuge, and repeatedly wipe the stains such as blood stains. If the cleaning head is damaged. The cleaning head can be unscrewed and replaced with a new one, and the wooden pole can be used continuously

3. advantage

The structure is simple, compact and easy to use. It can prevent bacterial infection

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