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Daily maintenance of desktop centrifuge

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First, the maintenance of centrifuge machine

1.1. Centrifuges should use water or soft detergent to clean the rotor chamber and rotor. Alkaline solution or solvent with abrasion on materials should not be used.

1.2. Use rags or tweezers to remove the debris from the rotor chamber

1.3 When the centrifuge is not in use, open the top cover and keep the rotor chamber dry to avoid wear of the motor bearing

1.4 Special safety measures must be taken when centrifuging toxic, radioactive and contaminated samples

Second, the maintenance of centrifuge accessories.

2.1 If the centrifugal tube shows color change, deformation, leakage, etc., it must be stopped using

2.2 Do not screw on the cap when disinfecting the centrifugal tube under high temperature and high pressure to avoid deformation of the tube. See the list in this section of the user’s Manual for the temperature tolerance of each type of centrifuge tube disinfection

2.3 Centrifuges should be kept at a certain distance from other electrical equipment, with good grounding measures and regular inspection

2.4 Centrifuges and rotors shall not be exposed to high-intensity UV radiation or prolonged heating. Use neutral detergent when cleaning

2.5 The rotor can be replaced if necessary. After re installation, tighten the turning screw

Third, the pin of rotating head should be lubricated with lubricating oil to ensure the stable operation of centrifuge

Fourth, all conventional disinfectants can be used. Since centrifuges and accessories are made of different materials, compatibility of disinfectants must be considered.

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