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Experimental steps of high speed centrifuge

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Experimental steps of high speed centrifuge

Step 4: For the selection of centrifugal rotor and corresponding centrifugal tube, it is better to set or select the similar rotor parameters after consulting the relevant literature. But in the ordinary suspension separation, it is better to use the centrifugal tube with sharp bottom, which can better make the sediment adhere to the wall better, and the sediment accumulation is also better

Step 5: Cover the centrifuge cover, this step must be sure to cover tightly, because if the cover is not good, it is easy to cause danger, to ensure safe start-up

Step 6: We should pay attention to the preservation of the final supernatant or precipitation, and remember to take the supernatant or discard the supernatant quickly, so as not to cause partial suspension over time, resulting in good experimental results

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