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Experimental steps of high speed centrifuge

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Step 1: first of all, before centrifugation experiment, you should distinguish whether the material you need to centrifuge is to retain the supernatant or the sediment, so as to make the experiment more clear. This step is also called determining the separation.

Step 2: the appropriate setting of high-speed centrifuge speed or centrifugal force, must choose the right conditions, too low conditions can not achieve the effect, too high conditions will cause material loss. Therefore, it is necessary to make good reference and combine relevant experience. Pay attention to the balance of centrifugal materials. This step is also called parameter setting of centrifuge

Step 3: This step is very important for things that need low-temperature centrifugation. First of all, we should set the centrifugal temperature (for frozen centrifuge) to precooling the centrifugal chamber to meet the working temperature required by the experiment, so as to prepare for the separation experiment.

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