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How to purchase centrifuge

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In the face of a wide variety of centrifuges in the market while the price is chaotic, it is not easy to choose a suitable centrifuge for their own needs. Here, Changsha Xiangzhi centrifuge instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce the following methods:
First, according to the size of the centrifuge, it can be divided into floor type centrifuge and table type centrifuge. The floor type centrifuge is directly placed on the ground, and the table type centrifuge is placed on the experimental table; the larger the centrifuge volume is, the larger the centrifugal chamber is, the larger the capacity of separable products is, for example, DLM12L super large capacity centrifuge

Second, according to the requirements of temperature control, it can be divided into two types: refrigerated centrifuge and normal temperature centrifuge. This mainly depends on the demand of experimental samples. Some samples (such as proteins, cells, etc.) will be damaged when the temperature is too high. Therefore, we should choose the refrigerated centrifuge. At present, the temperature control range of the refrigerated centrifuge is generally between – 20 ℃ and 40 ℃

Third, according to the speed of the centrifuge, it can be divided into low speed centrifuges and high speed centrifuges. Generally, low speed centrifuges are below 10000 rpm, and high speed centrifuges are among 10000 rpm to 30000 rpm.
Fourth, according to the different rotor types, it can be divided into angle rotor and swing out rotor. The angle rotor is at a fixed angle with the rotating shaft, generally after centrifugation, the sample precipitates at the bottom and side wall of the centrifugal tube. The swing out rotor is vertical when it is stationary, the hanging bucket is in horizontal state after running, it is at right angle with the rotating shaft, and the swing rotor is used for centrifugation, the general sample will sink The sediment is concentrated at the bottom of the centrifuge tube. Generally, low-speed machines are equipped with horizontal rotors, and high-speed centrifuges need angular rotors to achieve more than 10000 revolutions

Conclusion: so when you need to purchase a centrifuge, please tell us the following parameters: speed, whether with refrigeration, capacity (single tube capacity or total capacity), and your location and contact information. Our business managers of international department will contact you shortly, and offer you a detail solution.

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