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Laboratory centrifuge using steps in hospital

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Step 1: Confirming the separation material.

First of all, before centrifugation experiment, you should distinguish whether the substances you need to centrifugally separate are the supernatant or the sediment, so as to make the experiment more clear.

Step 2: Reasonable selection of rotor and centrifugal tube.

For the selection of centrifugal rotor and corresponding centrifugal tube, it is better to set or select the similar rotor parameters after consulting the relevant literature. But in the ordinary suspension separation, it is better to use the centrifugal tube with sharp bottom, which can better make the sediment adhere to the wall better, and the sediment accumulation is also better.

Step 3: Separation environment preparation.

This step is very important for things that need low-temperature centrifugation. First of all, we should set the centrifugal temperature (for frozen centrifuge) to precooling the centrifugal chamber to meet the working temperature required by the experiment, so as to prepare for the separation experiment.

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